Clos Mirabel

Pau-Jurançon, in the Heart of South-West France

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Terms & Conditions

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To make a book­ing
1. Check avai­l­a­bil­i­ty di­rect­ly with the own­ers through the con­tact form
or by tele­phone: +33 (0) 559 06 32 83 or 33 (0) 6 79 59 04 91.
2. If you wish to con­firm a reser­va­tion this is usu­al­ly done by e-mail.Clos Mira­bel SARL will con­firm the reser­va­tion by e-mail and re­quest a de­posit of 50% of the rent. Re­ceipt for pay­ment of the de­posit will be sent by re­turn.
3. Bal­ance of pay­ment is due 8 weeks be­fore the be­gin­n­ing of the ren­tal pe­ri­od. A re­fund­able se­cu­ri­ty de­posit may al­so be re­quired at the be­gin­n­ing of the te­nan­cy.
4. Clos Mira­bel op­er­ates a strict NO SMOK­ING pol­i­cy in­side all the build­ings of the es­tate.

Can­cel­la­tion Pol­i­cy
If a con­firmed book­ing is can­celled af­ter pay­ing the 50% de­posit but over 3 months be­fore the start of the ren­tal pe­ri­od, a can­cel­la­tion charge of 25% will be made. If a con­firmed book­ing is can­celled within 3 months of the start of the ren­tal pe­ri­od, the to­tal amount of the de­posit will be re­tained. If how­ev­er, the rel­e­vant ren­tal pe­ri­od is sub­se­quent­ly let, an ad­min­is­tra­tive fee of 20% will be re­tained and the bal­ance re­fund­ed. If there is a dif­fer­ence in rent re­ceived, S.A.R.L. Clos Mira­bel will be en­ti­tled to re­tain the dif­fer­ence.

In Eu­ros ei­ther by cred­it card via Pay­Box, cash, cheque or by bank to bank trans­fer to the Clos Mira­bel S.A.R.L. ac­count, net of any bank charges and other charges in­clud­ing exchange rate vari­a­tions.

Prices are in­clu­sive of all util­i­ties ex­cept the tele­phone un­less other­wise agreed be­tween the par­ties and stat­ed in the exchange of e-mails.

Lo­cal tourist tax
Self-ca­ter­ing: 0,80€ pp per night.
B&B: 0,80€ pp per night.

Li­nen and Clean­ing
Li­nen is charged at 19 eu­ros p/p per week, in­clud­ing pool tow­els. End of te­nan­cy clean­ing rates are from 75 to 95 eu­ros. Ad­di­tio­n­al clean­ing can al­so be or­ganised up­on re­quest.